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14. Future of Impulse
Episode 1416th September 2021 • Future Imagined • Global Foresight Leaders
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When you’re bored or frustrated, do you grab a snack? Scroll through your phone? In this episode, we discuss the foundational drivers of our human needs, the digital retail evolution, and how both of those things are changing our impulse behavior.

Co-hosts Jo Lepore and Sophie Briercliffe, Global Foresight Leads for North America and Europe, explore the future of impulse purchases and consumption with two experts on the topic - Hunter Thurman, President of neuroscience led research firm Alpha-Diver, and James Mills, Global VP of Sales for impulse leaders Mars Wrigley.

As change in our world accelerates, how can we better understand those core human motivations around immediate satisfaction that remain the same? Join us as we get curious about how retailers, brands and researchers are adapting to new impulse opportunities.


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