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Captivate Insider from Captivate.fm - Kieran McKeefery & Mark Asquith, Rebel Base Media EPISODE 27, 1st May 2020
Buggy Bug Bug Fixes
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Buggy Bug Bug Fixes

It's weekly update time!!

As always, we've worked hard to listen to what you'd love to see in Captivate and have put together the latest release as follows...

  • Better parsing of link text in show descriptions for Captivate Sites: When using Captivate Sites, if you add a website address in your show settings it needed to become a link automagically. It will now automatically turn http://google.com into a link that is target=blank, for example.
  • Internal show transfer process updates: We've made it easier for our team to be able to transfer shows between owners for when, for example, someone leaves a network or production company to build out on their own. It's still a highly personal and vetted process.
  • Regex update to Google Podcasts URLS: Fix for the regex for adding the Google URL when copying from Google Podcasts, users can now include %/&/= in the Marketing section.
  • No copy and paste madness in show notes: When copying from a Word or Google document the formatting that comes over for colors and background colors on spans and other tags can be problematic. We've expanded the "blacklist" for pasted in code and still maintain the "whitelist" to make sure things like lists, etc, are formatted nicely on paste.