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The Strology Show - The Strology EPISODE 13, 16th November 2020
13. The Astrology of BTS

13. The Astrology of BTS

Hey Friends, and welcome, ARMY, to The Strology Show! Whether you're ARMY or not, you're in for a treat with this one. Alice Sparkly Kat, Charm Torres, Emilia Wang, Oscar Diaz, Scarlet Coote & Vicki Diez all join Kirah for a special episode all about the astrology of BTS!

Kirah knew nothing about BTS or ARMY before recording this episode but left with a newfound appreciation for this iconic group and their incredible stans, and you surely will too!

Timestamps for your consideration:

00:00 - Intros

20:05 - BTS Chart

42:10 - Army Chart

53:50 - Jin

67:23 - Suga

79:01: - J-hope

91:13 - RM

105:30 - Jimin

118:17 - V

128:07 - Jung Kook

144:30 - Closing

Check out Kirah & this amazing group of astrologers via the links below.

Check out Mychal Bryan's webinar on Uranian Astrology for Fresh Voices In Astrology on Saturday, Nov 21st

Alice (aka Ace) Sparkly Kat


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Charm Torres


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Emilia Wang


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Oscar Diaz


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Scarlet Coote


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Vicki Diez

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Me, Kirah Tabourn


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