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Revenue Growth and Impact with Darrell Amy
30th January 2023 • Seek Go Create - The Leadership Journey for Christian Entrepreneurs, Faith-Based Leaders, Spiritual Growth, Purpose-Driven Success, Innovative Leadership, Kingdom Business, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Christian Business Practices, Leadership Development, Impactful Living • Tim Winders - Coach for Leaders in Business & Ministry
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Your business's revenue is an excellent marker of how your business is doing. It tells you how much you've gained. But most importantly, revenue is a resource. Revenue Growth tells you that your business is healthy and capable of growing and serving your people. More revenue enables you to impact more and more people and allows God's Kingdom to flow through your business.

Darrell Amy saw the importance of revenue growth as he helped businesses scale and increase their impact. He joins us for a faith-driven conversation about revenue growth in this episode of Seek Go Create, and we discuss how business can be a door to God's Kingdom here on Earth. Darrell shares how you can optimize your business's foundation and alignment to help make this happen. 

For anyone out there who wants to make an impact and bring God’s Kingdom into your business, this conversation is for you.

3 reasons to Listen:

  1. Discover what it means to be a kingdom-minded business.
  2. Learn why you may need to stop and take time away to leave, seek, and listen.
  3. Your business can be a lawnmower or a car. Find out how you can optimize your business’s engine for better revenue growth.


About Darrell

Darrell Amy is a faith-driven entrepreneur, co-founder of the nonprofit Kingdom Missions Fund, speaker, author, and growth architect. He has 30 years of experience as a leader in sales and marketing, which allows him to help businesses grow their revenue and give more.

Darrell is the author of Revenue Growth Engine: How to Align Sales & Marketing to Accelerate Growth. He is also the host of the Revenue Growth Podcast and co-hosts the Selling From the Heart Podcast.

You can connect with Darrell and learn more about his work through LinkedIn and his website.

Episode Highlights

[02:01] Darrell’s Passion for Growth and Impact

  • Darrel is passionate about helping kingdom-minded business professionals grow their revenue and impact.
  • More revenue means more resources. More resources can help your businesses make a bigger impact.
  • When you grow your revenue, you can also give back and invest in other businesses  making an impact.
  • Part of being a business is generating revenue. Setting up the right strategies and systems to drive revenue growth is critical.
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[04:20] Who Needs to Talk About Revenue Growth?

  • Anyone who wants to make an impact needs revenue.
  • In business, revenue is the data that matters. Having more revenue enables you to do what you want.
  • The Word of God often talks about money. You don’t have to be afraid of it.
  • As a business, you have a responsibility to provide your products and services to your stakeholders. 
  • Part of this responsibility is growing revenue that allows you to continue serving your clients' needs.
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[11:32] Exponential Entrepreneurial Impact

  • Darrel wanted to help kingdom-minded entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create more impact. Helping them allows him to make an exponential impact.
  • The Kingdom Missions Fund supports innovative projects. Darrell noticed that their donors were also fellow entrepreneurs who shared their profits.
  • Seeing this, he wanted to help more entrepreneurs boost their revenue growth. This way, they can also give back and make an impact.
  • It’s vital to set your business up to grow. Maximizing your revenue flow allows you to have more impact.

[17:46] What It Means to be Kingdom-Minded

  • The Lord’s Prayer talks about God’s kingdom. From the prayer, you’ll understand that God chose to bring His will here on Earth.
  • Everybody has their domain. For an entrepreneur, your business is your domain.
  • A kingdom-minded business owner understands the Lord’s Prayer. They work to bring God’s Kingdom into their businesses.
  • When Darrel started his business in 2004, the relationships and conversations he had over the growth of his business added to his area of influence.
  • Being Kingdom-minded means allowing God to rule and reign in your business. You choose to love the people you work with and serve.
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[24:32] Darrell in His Early Years

  • Darrell grew up surrounded by faith. However, they were also poor, which made him decide that he wanted to make money.
  • His first business transaction was selling something he made himself. Using the money he earned, Darrell invested in more resources for better revenue growth.
  • For a long time, Darrell felt he led two lives: his personal life and his business life. He didn’t see any connection between these two parts of him.
  • His friend and co-host, Larry, helped him break the wall between these two lives. He learned that business is much better with your authentic self.
  • Integrity is one of Darrell’s core values. He interprets this as integrating each aspect of his life.
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[36:25] Losing Everything and Finding Your Heart

  • In 2009, Darrell experienced a cut in revenue, and his marriage was starting to fall apart. His identity as a successful Christian businessman was all stripped away.
  • Fortunately, the year before, he spent time starting to discover his heart.
  • When everything collapses, you have two choices- get bitter or get better. After losing everything, Darrell began to discover who he is.
  • He spent time asking hard questions and went on regular sabbaticals.

[43:33] Sabbaticals: A Time to Leave and Find Yourself

  • At the Wild at Heart Bootcamp, Darrell learned of a covenant of silence. He was able to sit quietly and listen to God.
  • He started going on regular sabbaticals. Every ninety days, he would go off the grid for three days.
  • He spent these three days reflecting on what happened and looking forward to what was next. He took this time to relax and listen to God.
  • These sabbaticals helped him discover the heart God gave him. It has helped him find clarity in the decisions he needed to make.
  • The sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God. To be led, you need to listen first.

[51:40] Your Business’ Growth Engine

  • One day, Darrell realized he could use his lawnmower to travel instead of his car. However, he uses his car because it's better equipped for travel.
  • Businesses are similar. They have growth engines that can run like lawnmowers or like cars.
  • You can accelerate your growth by equipping your engine with the right processes. 
  • When you focus on the right client and better processes, your business’s engine can generate more revenue with less hassle.
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[56:43] How Revenue Growth Helps

  • One of Darrell’s readers shared with him how he was able to grow his business’ revenue with the help of his book.
  • This kingdom-minded entrepreneur uses his increased resources to hire more employees and support different organizations.
  • Revenue growth helps you stop worrying about your finances and business growth.

[59:27] Optimizing Your Growth Engine

  • Every business has a growth engine. 
  • Businesses are made up of people and processes. You have to make sure that you have the correct processes in place when you hire employees.
  • Look at the processes you need to put in place. Once you set them, everything starts to go in the same direction.
  • Optimizing your growth engine allows you to align everything. The business can become much easier to handle, grow your revenue and make an impact. 

[01:04:27] The Marketplace for Outcomes

  • You are in a dynamic marketplace. Change and the uncertainty that comes with it are what is constant.
  • Customers don’t buy your products and your services. They buy the outcomes that these things enable.
  • Outcomes regularly change. You have to listen to your clients, know what's going on in your business, and understand what your client needs if you want to be successful.

[01:07:25] Choosing to Seek First

  • Seek first.
  • Try to get off the grid and seek the Kingdom of God.
  • Seek and you will find. Don’t stop hustling. Instead, choose to seek first.

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