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Identity Theft: How the Mental Load takes Over Women's Lives
Episode 29th May 2024 • The Mental Load • Katlynn Pyatt and Angie Cantrell
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How the mental load takes over women's lives

How not to lose yourself in motherhood

"I resent the fact that you (dads) get to maintain your individuality, while I do not."

The Mental Load often takes over women's lives leaving us feeling unfulfilled and like we lost ourselves in motherhood. It's a form of identity theft that nobody warns us about.

When you become a mom, everyone starts to view you as "{insert kid's name} mom" while dads don't become {insert kid's name} dad". Men get to retain their individuality while women are taught to only look at the positive of motherhood. That kids are a gift and you should feel blessed...all the time. And nobody prepares us for this identity theft that happens immediately. We're swallowed into motherhood and suddenly find ourselves lacking time and energy for anything but mothering. Which leaves us struggling to feel like we haven't lost ourselves.

In today's episode, Angie and Katlynn explore why, when we take on the mental load, it feels like we lose ourselves because:

  • We have less time to think of and anticipate my own needs so I feel blindsided by them (KP)
  • We have no time to think freely or do something that feels luxurious
  • There's no more time to do my own personal hobbies
  • Others assuming that our only role and source of satisfaction is our children
  • We start feeling guilty that I have this huge privilege of raising kids but harboring this “secret” that we want more out of life than just being a mom

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