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The Roar of the Lion
23rd May 2021 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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Even today, God is speaking to His Children. His primary means of doing this is through His Word. However, the text of the Bible, if left all by its lonesome, hangs heavily like an unwieldy sword in the hand of a listless warrior if it is not coupled with the swinging and parrying power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within the man or woman of God. The Christian is designed to carry a spiritual roar within their souls — a courage, a boldness, a swagger of spiritual confidence, a power of heavenly origin. It’s the power of God’s Word inside them. But to both find this roar and to cultivate this roar, the believer must first submit to this roaring Word and let it uncover them, expose them, and convict them. Only then, can it rescue them, build them, and then marvelously work in and through them to bring this roar of the Lion to the peoples of this earth.   

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