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What kind of change are you looking for with Axel Meierhoefer - Ep. 27
Episode 2717th November 2022 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this insightful episode, Axel Meierhoefer, founder of Ideal Wealth Grower, challenges the perspective of US business owners on what  coaching and mentoring are, and their true value for those who want to grow as leaders.

As a retired Air Force officer, Axel Meierhoefer started his first company in 2005, focusing on consulting, employee skill development and program management. He has always had a love for education and helping people help themselves become successful. He’s also gone on to have great success managing a 7 figure real-estate portfolio and helping achieve their own real-estate investing success.

You can learn more about Axel and his work at