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Transform Your Vulnerability Into Visibility with Stacey Hagen
Episode 2225th October 2022 • Elevated Visibility with Nina Gibson • Nina Gibson
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If you want to learn how to increase your confidence and improve your visibility as an entrepreneur, this episode is for you! Let’s deep dive into some inner work to overcome past trauma, increase your self-confidence and help you connect with clients that are in alignment with your energy and values.

In today’s episode of Elevated Visibility, I have an amazing guest, Stacey Hagen.  She is a certified trauma-informed marketing and visibility coach for purpose-driven coaches, creatives, and holistic entrepreneurs. Stacey guides her clients through the inner and outer work of truly getting visible in business.

Join us as we explore how to work through previous trauma, how to cultivate the confidence to become visible in your business, and how trusting yourself is the key to attracting clients that you are truly meant to work with.  

In this episode:

  • Being visible means being vulnerable - the steps you can take to feel confident within yourself 
  • How “little T traumas” have an impact on how you're able to show up or advocate for yourself as a business owner
  • What visibility looks like as an entrepreneur who identifies as an Introvert/Empath 
  • The importance of setting boundaries and being transparent in your business 
  • How operating your business from a highly energetic state of alignment will attract clients that match your energy
  • The importance of cultivating self-trust to help your business thrive 

Elevated Visibility: practical SEO, marketing, and soul-talk for female founders with zero bullshit + 100% compassion.

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Connect with Stacey

Stacey Hagen is a certified trauma-informed marketing and visibility coach and the founder of Create Coaching & Consulting.

Instagram: @create_coaching
Freebie: Marketing Superpower Quiz
Program Waitlist: Visibility Program for Introverts and HSPs

Connect with Nina

Nina Gibson is a holistic SEO coach, search maven and corporate drop-out who is obsessed with helping female founders elevate their brand visibility with smart SEO.

Instagram: @ninagibsonco