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EPS 5 Digital Titans - Nick Popovici CEO and Co-Founder Vita Mojo - Scale better with tech
Bonus Episode15th February 2022 • Hospitality Mavericks Podcast Show • Michael Tingsager
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In this conversation, we get some great insights and advice on digital transformation from Nick Popovici the CEO and Co-Founder of Vita Mojo,

In this conversation, Nick and Michael discuss the massive opportunity for operators to utilise data and implement digital tools to optimise performance across the business.

  • The level adaption of digital tools in the industry 
  • The power of data
  • Who is leading when it comes to digital transformation 
  • Megatrends in hospitality technology
  • Challenges around implementing technology
  • The need for organising work differently
  • The opportunity for tech power back of house

If you are a hungry learner when it comes to digital transformation in hospitality I would recommend downloading a copy of the free report Digital Transformation of Hospitality report 2022´, created by Vita Mojo, Hospitality KAM-Media and us here at Hospitality Mavericks. 

We have interviewed more than 100 leaders across the hospitality industry to understand where they are, how they are adapting to change, and how the future looks when it comes to digital transformation. 

You can download the report via the link here 

The Digital Titans series is brought to you by the wonderful people at Vita Mojo - the technology company powering the best food and drink businesses in the UK and Europe.

Learn more about Vita Mojo here👇

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