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Spice World - Spice World EPISODE 23, BONUS EPISODE, 3rd September 2020
B2D: Ibrahim Vaughn Holtzman

B2D: Ibrahim Vaughn Holtzman

We're taking a trip back in time for the story of Ibrahim Holtzman in a special episode of Spice World: Between Two Dunes! There are so many stories from the Encyclopedia we want to get to, but for one reason or another we cannot fit them in the normal show and must consign them to Shai-Hulud. With Between Two Dunes (B2D) we can give those stories the spotlight they need. This week we trace the tragic life of Holtzman from the thopter tracks on Liesco II in the Dark Ages, to the closing days of the Butlarian Jihad. While we turn back time and enjoy our wine…

  • You Guys Look Busy,
  • The Mad Holtzman,
  • Stavian’s Avians,
  • A Glossary Game for old times’ sake