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Episode 44 β€’ 28th March 2022 β€’ Fight Club 4 Business β€’ Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Scottsdale was founded by a new mom in 2010 with a big dream to support other new moms with the juggle of life and kids and educate them on the importance of ridding toxins from the home. We have grown from just the founder as a solo cleaner, to a team of 20. We empower our teams and promote from within to strengthen their passions and desired roles at our company. Using our own line of natural cleaning products, our trusted house cleaners will make your home shine, naturally. Eco Mama was voted Scottsdale’s best green house cleaning service. Our locally made, top rated, natural cleaning products (featured in Green Living Magazine), are safe for the whole family and were created with new moms in mind. Rest at ease knowing that the products our team uses are safe for your babies and loved ones. We specialize in luxury house cleaning in Scottsdale and Phoenix, as well as recurring cleaning services to always make sure your home is maintained and you can relax!

Time Stamps:

πŸ“[5:57]Sarah went green for our family. She learned about it to keep her child safe and then started a cleaning company to spend more time with her family.

πŸ“[7:29]Because Sarah was a front runner in the green cleaning space she ranks high on SEO and Google

πŸ“[8:01]She started with flyers as her gorilla marketing tactics

πŸ“[11:09]Focusing on the basics in the beginning is foundational... It will pay many dividends years to come.

πŸ“[11:53]Fighting in an expanding market is worth the effort because it will practically guarantee that the leads will keep coming in...

πŸ“[13:45]Eco Mama focuses her marketing efforts on social media groups to continue a strong social media presence

πŸ“[26:37]When scaling...look at how to achieve the big bottom linen number...break it down to understand how many new team members are needed to get there.

πŸ“[26:45]Sarah was able to "retire" her husband and bring him in to the business as the implementer with in a year! Based upon the goal setting she did with Meaghan

πŸ“[28:05]Sarah builds spreadsheets when she is stressed/anxious about the business because the numbers have no feelings and they do not lie

πŸ“[30:49]Visionary drives the goals, while the integrator makes them reality.


πŸ“[32:17]Transitioning from an org chart to an accountability chart

πŸ“[35:09]Sarah's golden integrator interview question, "I have this vision for this, go do it."

πŸ“[36:33]She uses indeed for all of her recruiting, they go through indeed questions, then a click up assessment, then a phone interview, then an in-person interview (there are 2 versions based on her gut).


πŸ“[39:37]When was the turning point from "oh my things are out of control", to "oh yay, we got this!"

πŸ“[40:37]In 2016 her family tried to get her to quit because things were so hard.

πŸ“[41:13]She started investing heavily in people, and created a leadership team with the help of coaches

πŸ“[42:09]She started bringing her technician leadership team in under her executive management team....

πŸ“[43:53]Empowering her leaders to empower others

πŸ“[45:37]She focuses on her core values... Kindness, respect & integrity!

πŸ“[46:25]She tries to revolve her culture around her core values

πŸ“[46:49]She's trying to create a family feel & community at work

πŸ“[47:41]And she's had to get creative because it's easier to throw money at people, but that's not always the best driver for them to feel valued

πŸ“[48:41]Think about gift giving. Is cash the most memorable gift you've received? Or was it an experience? Or something thoughtful? Try to create memories from your staff giving....

πŸ“[49:33]She created a "culture queen" position! 

πŸ“[52:53]PM Martha about her "Employee Love Strategy" Program...

πŸ“[53:21]Help staff create a vision board and tying that vision board to their bonuses and their goals....

πŸ“[56:49]Marketing Homework: Spend some time on Social Media today and look at how you're engaging in groups & with friends as marketing...

πŸ“[57:09]Our accountability facebook group to practice:

πŸ“[58:49]Finance Homework: Think about a goal, and spend a few minutes breaking down this goal to one easy metric to accomplish this goal. You can take it one step forward and tie this goal to a reward.

πŸ“[59:17]Systems Homework: Read Traction!

πŸ“[1:00:29]People Homework: Make up some core value cards... List your core values, make them pretty, and make it easy for your team to brag on each other.

πŸ“[1:01:45]Sarah's Homework: Make sure you're clear on your big vision, your WHY.... This will give you strength to not give up. Then visualize and manifest what happens when you achieve your why.

πŸ“[1:03:01]Message Sarah Mitchell on Facebook or email her to connect:

"Quote of the day"

β€œLeadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”


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