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Episode 1018th November 2021 • The Practical Protection Podcast • Kathryn Knowles
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Hi everyone, we have Matt Rann back this week and we are talking about alcohol. With the run up to Christmas a bit of extra tipple is often on the cards, and whilst it takes quite a few units before insurers start to wonder about your liver, it can be quite easy to have a bit more than we expect at this time of year.

This podcast is definitely not about telling you how much you should drink or advocating that you go teetotal. I didn’t drink for about 8 years with having my kids and breastfeeding, and I actually quite enjoyed it, but I did miss having a gin every now and then. In this episode we are focusing upon the questions that you need to be aware of when applying for protection insurance.

The key takeaways:

  • Most insurers tend to be ok with up to 30 units of alcohol per week.
  • Don’t assume that if your client says that they only drink on special occasions, that they have never been told to reduce their alcohol consumption. It can make a big difference to what is on offer.
  • A case study of arranging protection insurance for someone that was previously hospitalised for alcohol dependency.

Next time I have Roy McLoughlin with me and we are joined by Peter Hamilton, to talk about his work in improving access to insurance.

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If you want to know more about how to arrange protection insurance, take a look at my Protection Insurance in Practice course here.