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1266 – Doing Outreach Right with Respona’s Farzad Rashidi
25th July 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Lead Innovator and Co-Founder of Respona, Farzad Rashidi.

Respona is a platform that helps businesses create partnerships with publications in their sector to gain editorial backlinks to their website. It also helps with gaining organic traffic from Google. A tool that is heavily focused on helps clients identify targets, gives the clients contact information for the target, and outreach for the clients. Farzad explains that there is a lot of malpractice in the space of building backlinks. This malpractice happens because individuals are trying to figure out what works with creating these backlinks. 

Respona has around 2,000 users that use Respona in very different ways. Farzad explains that they used Respona to recruit affiliate partners through a strategy such as competitor backlink analysis. They would pull the top performing affiliates and use the software to find the main person from those affiliate companies to get into contact. It further helps to create a pitch to give to these companies and possibly create a relationship. There is a program called Respona Guru that is an established relationship with freelancers or agencies and clients can hire these individuals to delegate the process to them. 

Farzad explains that you can use Respona to find the right podcast to go on for your business. You can use a keyword search or search a specific person's name relevant to your business sector to find a podcast that could be willing to accept guests, the relevancy in your space, and makes the pitching process easier for the client. Farzad explains that he wanted to keep pricing simple for Respona. The cost is starting from $99 a month that is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. It comes with a free onboarding session and 30 day guarantee. The session includes a meeting with their success team to go over the clients priorities to tour the software and provide a personalized campaign. 

Farzad explains that Google used page rank to determine popularity. This is a process of the higher the page rank, the higher the amount of quality backlinks are used in regard to that website. Respona spend 20% of their resources on content creation and the other 80% of resources on promotion and outreach to receive backing from other relevant publications. Farzad says there are not many companies that focus on the outreach side of business and it makes it a unique software company. Farzad explains that he wrote about his success with his parent company Visme in his free ebook Marketing Strategies We Used to Bootstrap Visme to over 4 Million users. There is a Respona outreach strategy hub on the website to help ease potential clients into the space and get them comfortable before fully signing up for the software. 

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