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How Are You Defining Success?
Episode 1125th October 2022 • Mentally Stronger • Melli O'Brien
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We live in a world where the media defines success. Cash, cars, and expensive clothes are what many of us strive for, and we are told achieving these goals will make us happy and successful.

But how much of that is really true?

In this episode of Mentally Stronger, I ask: “How are you defining success?”

It’s important to remember that we don’t have to buy into the idea that material wealth and individual achievement are what make us successful. We can determine our own goals and motivators to personify what we believe success to be.

Watch to learn:

  • How chasing material wealth can lead to anxiety and depression
  • Why chasing this type of happiness causes us to push happiness away
  • How to retrain your idea of success
  • Excellent findings from Tim Kasser’s research (linked below)

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