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Ep 96: How to Become a Better Eater with Mike Doehla
Episode 9624th October 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Are you trying to pack on muscle, shred fat or find your peak performance? If so, becoming a better eater helps dictate that happening. This is why I wanted to bring on Mike Doehla, the founder of StrongerU Nutrition, to discuss the real problem stopping people from reaching their physique and performance goals. The vast majority of us know what we should be doing and eating, which means the education piece isn’t the issue. The real problem is actually executing a plan to take action. Dive in with us as Mike and I break down how we can change our habits to nail our nutrition day in and day out.

Mike and I unpack the self-awareness piece that is important in navigating your nutrition journey and a handful of tools you can use to guarantee your success. We steer the conversation to the importance of tracking and understanding where your calories are actually coming from. Mike then shares a little wisdom he lives by, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” The first step is knowing and understanding what you are consuming and then making unbiased changes to reflect what you want to see.

It’s known that diet culture can get you results fast, but in order to sustain these results, it’s dire you follow a system for humans that we know works: habit-based changes in your every day eating. We close out the episode diving into how you can include your close relationships in your nutrition journey. It’s extremely important that you share your goals with those close to you and surround yourself with people who are going to cheer you on throughout the process. Listen in to discover the tools, tactics and strategies you can use to become a better eater.

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [04:18] Who is Mike Doehla and what is StrongerU?
  • [08:48] The big problem in the field of nutrition
  • [12:25] The missing piece within diet culture   
  • [14:39] Basic principle of self-awareness
  • [18:48] Putting on muscle from an evolutionary standpoint
  • [21:18] Tactics and strategies for becoming more self-aware in the nutrition realm
  • [22:29] Looking at your nutrition through an unbiased lens
  • [23:59] The importance of tracking
  • [28:43] The downfall of snacking when fat loss is the goal
  • [36:13] Looking at nutrition on a spectrum
  • [37:52] Including close relationships on your nutrition journey  
  • [42:00] Finding your tribe that drives success
  • [43:42] The big takeaway to put these tactics and strategies to work
  • [45:13] Where to find Mike Doehla 


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