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70. These Are The 3 Essential Oils You Should Be Using Daily For Beauty Inside And Out
Episode 7021st March 2021 • The Face Yoga Expert Podcast • Danielle Collins
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My guest this week is bestselling author, award winning journalist, nutritional practitioner and essential oils expert, Jodi Sternoff Cohen. In this week's show we talk about:

  • Exactly what essential oils are and what purpose they have
  • The link between essential oils and stress
  • The vagus nerve and parasympathetic healing state
  • 3 essential oils to use every day
  • Jodi's personal journey and how essential oils helped her anxiety 
  • How to use essential oils for beauty and the skin
  • 5 key steps to regaining control of our health
  • Essential oil blends to help the adrenals 
  • Jodi's top wellness and beauty tips

You can find out more about Jodi's oils and new book at and follow her on Instagram at @vibrantblueoils

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