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The Quarter Horse Podcast: Quarter Horses & Quick Draw: Unveiling Mounted Shooting with Champions
Episode 343621st May 2024 • HORSES IN THE MORNING • Horse Radio Network
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Buckle Up for Thrills! On this episode of The Quarter Horse Podcast, we're exploring mounted shooting with Champions Zane Chunn & Anthea Buss.

Zane Chunn is a mounted shooting legend. A 7-time AQHA World Champion, he boasts over 70 professional wins and a well-deserved spot in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Hall of Fame.

Anthea Buss is a rising star, having clinched the 2023 AQHA & CMSA Amateur World Champion title with her trusty steed Freck A Doc Power. Fresh off her marriage to a fellow mounted shooter (congratulations, Anthea!), she's proof that this sport is for everyone!

Join us as we chat with Zane and Anthea about:

  • The exhilarating world of mounted shooting
  • The skills needed to become a champion
  • The incredible bond between horse and rider and why Quarter Horses shine in the sport!

So saddle up, put on your virtual Stetson, and get ready for a fun-filled episode!

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