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Everything Is Intentional; There Are No Accidents
Episode 3421st June 2021 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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In today’s episode, I’m going to share one major thing that I have been doing that has enabled me to succeed in podcasting and make more than a million dollars from it. There’s a lot of factors a podcaster can’t control that influence the success of a podcast. But the one thing you can control is your intent. And you can learn to apply that intent with purpose across your podcasting efforts. If you ever feel like you’re just going through the flow, not knowing where your podcast is headed, or what you’re meant to do with it, then you need to start being intentional in everything you do to run it. The fact is, every rational podcaster intends on making a great podcast. 

And that’s good because I can assure you that every rational listener intends to only listen to great podcasts. No one intends to listen to a podcast that's just “okay”. Every listener’s intent is to listen to shows they think are going to be great. Unfortunately, some of the shows they wind up listening to (that podcasters make) fall short of that goal. The idea of intent in podcasting is actually not new, but it was brought home to me when I was starting out in podcasting by one of my biggest inspirations, John Lee Dumas. Do it without intent and proper planning, and you’ll see no benefit. But with intent and the necessary effort, comes the benefits. It’s that simple. 

You need to break out of your habit of going through the motions and really focus on what it is you’re doing when you’re doing podcast-y things and I guarantee you that you’ll thrive not only in sustaining it but also in monetizing it. For more on that, don’t miss out on this inspirational 29-minute episode. See you on the inside!

Show Highlights

  • How I transitioned from managing call centers to making a million dollars from podcasting (01:53)
  • Getting inspired by John Lee Dumas (04:26)
  • The podcasting success that comes with being intentional (07:21)
  • How to go about guest interviews to make sure they deliver the greatest value to your listeners (11:25)
  • Strategic planning and making the necessary investments to make sure your podcast will thrive (13:35)
  • Moving towards sustainability and monetization and the lifestyle freedom that comes with it (16:23)
  • Becoming intentional about every operational activity of your podcast is a must (18:05)
  • Sales is a skill you have to continuously build on (21:18)
  • Figuring out the systems so you can build life-changing wealth (23:12)
  • Striking out as an entrepreneur and being able to work from anywhere in the world (25:31)

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