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#43. A Christian Persecuted in Pakistan — an Advocate to Love Muslims in America
Episode 436th September 2022 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Pastor Alfonse Javed shares experiences that reveal the need to love our enemies, support religious freedom, find common ground and love our neighbors well.

He grew up in a Christian family in a Muslim-majority country, Pakistan. Then in America, he was shunned as though he were Muslim.

Special Guest Host: Chris Clayman, co-founder of Global Gates Network and Heart for Muslims

What You’ll Learn:

  • What It Was Like as a Christian Growing Up in Pakistan — a Muslim Majority Country
  • How Urban Missions is Impacting Global Missions
  • About the Importance of Finding Common Ground to Relate to Image Bearers of God

Bonus Content: 

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About the Guest:

Dr. Alfonse Javed, the Senior Pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Metuchen, has planted a church abroad, has been a missions pastor and has served as a missionary in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan — the son of a pastor — Pastor Javed began serving in church at a young age. He has served as a missionary in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. He has also planted a church in Greece. In the 1990s, a providential relationship formed when Calvary Baptist Church started supporting his ministry efforts; he would later serve as the missions pastor of that congregation. Eventually, in 2009, he moved to New York with a new vision — mobilizing churches to engage Muslims in the NYC metro area.

Dr. Javed’s advanced theological training is from the Greek Bible College, Davis College and Liberty University. He has earned three undergraduate, three graduate, and three doctoral degrees. His dissertations have explored various subjects from religious influence on the American school system to evangelism and church planting, to Islamic madrases and the treatment that Muslims students have received in the post 9/11 New York City school system. He maintains a blog,, and is the author of The Muslim Next Door: A Practical Guide for Evangelism and Discipleship. Dr. Javed and his wife, Sarah, have four children.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Matthew 5: 44; Loving and Blessing Your Enemy

Matthew 22: 39, John 13: 34; Loving Your Neighbor

Exodus 22: 21; Leviticus 19: 33-34; Do Not Mistreat the Foreigner

Genesis 1:26-28; All People Are Made in the Image of God

John 3: 16-17; Jesus Died to Bring Salvation

Matthew 5:13-16; A City Proclaiming Christ

1 Corinthians 9: 19-23; Finding Common Ground

Links Related to Episode:

Alfonse Javed, Author

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Heart for Muslims

Chris Clayman, Author

Timestamped Show Notes:

01:34 - Turning the Tables with Chris Clayman

01:57 - Topic: From Hatred to Love for Muslims

02:26 - Chris Clayman and Global Gates

03:07 - Married with 4 under 5

03:47 - Growing Up in a Muslim-Majority Country

04:24 - 1980's Pakistani Policies toward Non-Muslims

06:46 - Persecution in Pakistan

07:19 - Non-Muslims' Lives Seen as Insignificant

08:06 - Anger toward God

08:31 - Love for Muslims

09:41 - Violent Attack on Church in Pakistan

10:12 - Desire for Revenge

10:35 - God's Protection in the midst of Violent Attack

11:40 - Hostility in America

12:53 - Pursuing Love of Christ

15:53 - NYC after 9-11

16:15 - Starting the Heart for Muslims Conference

19:41 - Jesus has a Heart for Muslims

20:36 - The Power of Proximity

21:50 - Why Do Muslims Usually Come to Christ?

22:28 - Starting Our Urban Voices Podcast

25:17 - Giving Voice to Urban Stories

27:03 - Christian Immigrants Reviving Churches in America

27:21 - Distinctives of Urban Ministry

29:25 - God is Moving in Cities Today

31:53 - What is a 4th Era of Missions?

34:18 - Uniqueness of Muslim Ministry in Cities

36:14 - Open Doors in Cities for the Gospel to Reach the World

38:42 - Connecting with People from Different Cultures

41:37 - Finding Common Ground

45:38 - Contact Alfonse Javed and Finding His Books

46:32 - Knock, Knock

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