Automating Your Onboarding
Episode 621st February 2023 • Ascending Change • Jennifer Ayres
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Work automation technology is gaining popularity across the business landscape and is known for saving people time and work. However, automated technology can also enable organizations to improve their company culture. Automated hiring systems are an example of this, as these solutions can be advantageous in onboarding new staff and building a better company culture among existing staff members.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares the benefits of automating your hiring process and discusses how this practice can boost your company culture. From reducing the effort of traditional hiring to increasing efficiency in the recruitment process, there are many ways that automation can help companies streamline their onboarding and form stronger connections with their staff. Additionally, listen to the episode to hear more about how AI hiring technology can help leaders create a better company culture through bias-free hiring that supports diversity and inclusion, promotes better communication, and provides other great benefits.

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