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Coaching the Mental Game of Softball - Mental Sweet Spot 20th April 2020
Coaching is Coaching | Dr. Iyhia McMichael [INT]
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Coaching is Coaching | Dr. Iyhia McMichael [INT]

We make an impact regardless of the situation.

Even when we're all on lockdown!

It has been a ROUGH spring for coaches. We miss our girls, we're having to adjust to being off the field for the first time in forever, and all we want is to get back to what we love!

» Watching our girls' hard work pay off on the field

» Seeing the look on their face as they have that aha moment

» Going home exhausted but happy after a long day at the field - because you know you made an impact.


I know these feelings all too well, since taking a break from coaching nearly 3 years ago. It's not easy, but I promise you:

 You're still impactful. Because it's who you are.


Looking for some resources for making a bigger impact on the mental game while we're apart?


We'll be running another round of our Dream Team Blueprint Challenge in a couple of weeks! This 5-Day challenge is a low cost, high impact way to set the foundation of a strong team culture. We talk practical tips, activities for lockdown, and how to continue to do what we love: develop our girls into strong young women!

The challenge will drop in a couple of weeks! Head to mentalsweetspot.com to join the waitlist!

That's all for this today! Hope so see you back here next week!

Mel & Alicia