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19. How to ACTUALLY Take Time Away From Your Real Estate Business!
Episode 194th September 2023 • High Performance Real Estate Agent Podcast with Tina Beliveau • Tina Beliveau
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I just returned from a 3 month maternity leave (follow me on IG to meet baby Samantha!!) and while I was out, I had the opportunity to completely unplug from my businesses and leave them in the hands of my wonderfully capable team members. I got a lot of messages from other real estate agents asking how I managed to unplug for so long and keep things running so smoothly. This episode is inspired by those questions!

Listen to this episode to hear about the following…

  1. How I cultivated and built a team of talented women who are excellent at their jobs and work very autonomously
  2. How I planned my content, marketing, and key needs in advance - and the beauty of batching!
  3. What types of systems I used for my maternity leave to keep things smooth and predictable, and make it easy for my team members to find information they needed in my absence
  4. The expectations I set with my team members, clients, and vendors for my leave
  5. How I pared down to the essential priorities not just during my leave, but before and after, too!


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