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3 Steps To Crush 2022 | TSMP #087
Episode 872nd January 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Start Moving, Take Action, Gain Momentum!

2022 is here. It's time to turn over a new leaf in our life. You might have already reviewed last year’s track record of your entertainment business. Now is the time to take action on those opportunities for improvement.

If you are wondering how to fill your calendars with gigs, this episode will blow your mind. Adopting a methodical approach and building sustainable systems will help you in optimising your business.

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley discuss 3 steps that you can implement right away to thrive in 2022. They share insights from their own entertainment businesses and divulge their plans for booking desirable gigs.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [01:35] Aidan’s Goals For His Magic Business
  • [03:40] Performing Gigs Without Necessarily Going Full-Time
  • [05:15] Ashley’s Goals For His Magic Business
  • [07:40] Step 1: Make Desirable Offers
  • [12:00] How To Sell Tickets For Your Public Shows
  • [16:00] Keeping Your Clients Engaged With Your Business
  • [21:00] Importance Of Building Great Relationships
  • [25:00] Step 2: Create Consistent Leads 
  • [27:00] Step 3: Sell Effortlessly
  • [31:20] Why You Should Qualify All Leads
  • [36:50] Summary Of The 3 Steps

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