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From Paris to Atlanta: Pretty Isn't Everything & Dating Can Be Messy AF
Episode 410th October 2021 • The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide • Eric Payne
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Things don't always go as planned or envisioned. When this happens what do you do? Do you run away or do you stand and see your way through the mess? I experience this in grand fashion during Episode Four of Season Four. Things start off calmly enough with me trying to meet up in person with The Woman Dressed in Black I met in Episode 2 (Season Four), but things take a turn and accelerate full-speed into the unexpected. After all, isn't that one of the main things that makes life the beautiful tapestry of experiences that it is? In this episode, I come face to face with the unexpected and learn that much more about myself in the process.

Episode Hot Takes:

  • Emotional Desire versus Physical Desire vs. Chemistry
  • What to do when it's you not them
  • As always, the gift of the cold hard truth and learning how to be honest with yourself and your feelings, despite the urgings of others
  • Pretty is, but pretty so what?
  • Learning how to exercise grace rather than "winning"
  • Why unfollowing on social media matters (it doesn't)
  • Acknowledging pain and talking honestly about it with God

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