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Sourcing and Managing Complex Services Contracts: Jonny Dunning from Zivio
Episode 1525th May 2021 • ProctoCast: Real World Procurement Conversation • James Meads
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On today's show, we're tackling the topic of services procurement and how it's often trickier to manage than buying "widgets".

Especially when it's a complex service contract and there are particular nuances are unique to that particular category of spend.

My guest to break this topic down is Jonny Dunning from SaaS platform Zivio, which is dedicated to the procurement of complex services and contract management.

We tackle a few different aspects specific to services procurement, then we dig into some common problems when it comes to analysing spend and understanding the services we're actually buying.

There are plenty of unmanaged or poorly managed contracts out there.

So, how do we manage end-to-end services procurement in a better way? As Jonny tells us, both quantitative and qualitative data are both important.

How are current ways of working and existing systems out there failing us with services contract management?

And how can a best-of-breed solution like Zivio fit into existing systems and processes within an organisation? 

Finally, we explore how organisations can drive value and bottom line results as an outcome of better management of service contracts.


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