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Is Whole30 a Good Diet For Losing Weight?
Episode 18622nd March 2022 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Have you ever tried Whole30? Did you like it? Did you use it for weight loss? Did it work?

Apparently I’ve been pretty hard on the Whole30 Diet. 

Recently we were wrapping up a coaching call (inside my Inner Circle group) and a really awesome member named Dianne said she had one more question … 

“I wonder why you give Whole30 such a bad rap?”

It just seems like there are a lot worse diets out there.

Today is your lucky day. This episode is a sneak peek into that coaching call. You’ll hear Dianne compare her experience with Whole30 to her experience using my LLLF program.

And you’re going to hear me explain . . .

  • Exactly what Whole30 is … 
  • What it’s truly meant for … 
  • What it’s not good for … 
  • How diet marketers are deceptive and drive me nuts … 
  • And then I eventually break into a small rant about food additives, artificial coloring, weight loss challenges, and the diet industry! 

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