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Cake Bosses - Gotta Catch Them All!
Episode 14414th November 2022 • TRUTHCAST • Joy Road Media
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Paul, Dickie and Harry taste test wedding cakes!

The Cake Bosses were played by Scott Ostrom from the Are You Listening podcast and Andrew Droz who is a completely normal person who doesn't need podcasting or comedy to validate his existence.

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Paul Starr was played by returning champion, the Queen of the Detroit Comedy Scene, Sam Rager.

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Harry Hamilton Hamilton was played by the always enigmatic Tim den Otter.

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Dickie Rickets was played by the always inconsistent Mike Bobbitt.

Mike isn't active on social media much these days, but check out his other podcast, You Made Me Watch.

Alex Bozinovic as Thomas Luge may not be in our ears this week, but he's always in our hearts.

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