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Ep. 018 - Emily London - Becoming the Dom Photographer
Episode 1827th November 2023 • Generator • Matt Stagliano
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In this episode, Maine photographer Matt Stagliano speaks with Emily London - a portrait photographer with a luxury brand, an educator, and sought after coach.

Her latest course called The Dom Photographer is all about developing the energy and mindset needed to create a luxury brand or service. In this conversation we dive deep into the course, meditation, tantra practice, nervous system regulation, poly-vagal theory, and many of the fears and experiences that we all share. It's an extraordinarily vulnerable episode and after listening, I'm sure you will come away with a deeper understanding of yourself.

For more information about the Dom Photographer course please visit and for Emily's tantric coaching work, please visit

For the full video version, please visit the Stonetree Creative YouTube channel



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