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How to Build a Digital Business from Your Expertise with James Wedmore
Episode 2461st June 2022 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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You know what? You’re an entrepreneur and what that means is, you see opportunities. But let me ask you, are you seizing those opportunities and building the business that you want?

The fact is that this year, right now the opportunity for building a digital product business, or an online course is ripe and ready for you, and in this episode I’m bringing back a highly sought after episode from last year with my business coach and mentor James Wedmore to learn more.

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James Wedmore has spent the last 15 years leveraging his expertise to help teach Digital CEOs how to build and scale their online businesses through courses and trainings like his signature program, Business By Design, other programs such as Sales Page By Design and Nail Your Niche, as well as many other business-building trainings inside of James’ abundant course library.

Along with being notorious in the online space for his unrivaled online courses and content, James also facilitates Next Level, a strategic, group-coaching experience as well as his high-level Mastermind, The Inner Circle.

When James isn't working, he can be found hiking, flipping homes for Airbnb, or off-roading through the rocky terrain of Sedona. His motto is simple: Work hard, play harder!

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to James Wedmore and what he does.
  • What’s happened over the last 12 months and what’s got him fired up in life and business right now?
  • The opportunity right now in 2021 for those with expertise in taking their business online.
  • What is holding people back from making the move?
  • The ingredients for a successful digital business?
  • The things that he sees in 7-figure digital CEO's doing differently than struggling entrepreneurs.
  • What is the 3 part live training coming up, who is it for and what can people expect from it.

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