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Startups for Good - Miles Lasater EPISODE 21, 15th March 2021
Diane Yoo, Founding Managing Partner, Medingenii Capital
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Diane Yoo, Founding Managing Partner, Medingenii Capital

Diane Yoo is a results-driven entrepreneur, venture capitalist and angel investor with more than 15+ years of experience. As an accredited investor, she has invested in 30+ companies and is passionate about empowering women and diversity investors and founders. With only 1% of Asian females leading as Partner or Founder in Venture Capital, Diane is the first woman General Partner for medtech and healthtech venture capital in the heart of the largest medical center of the world, Texas Medical Center. With a proven track record, she is a seasoned expert as founder and partner to several investment funds and investment networks. Diane has extensive experience in leading deals, sitting on boards and leading companies to successful exits.

Diane joins me today to discuss her road to venture capital which had stops in the restaurant and bar industry and the fashion industry. Diane speaks to how these industries helped her to express her creative side that is sometimes missing in the business world. She shares with us her work with universities. 

“I think it all comes down to relationships, whether it be an entrepreneur, investor, it all comes down to having a great reputation, building a brand and having these relationships and a large part of it is.” - Diane Yoo

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • Venture Capital 
  • Advocating for diverse teams
  • Starting your own venture capital firm
  • Creating expanded opportunities for minorities in tech
  • Why business relationships are so important. 

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Some of the books that Diane referenced are:

The Lean Startup

Venture Deals

The Business of Venture Capital

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