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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley EPISODE 113, 23rd November 2020
TTB 113: The Art of Mindful Travel

TTB 113: The Art of Mindful Travel

Mag is the award-winning author of BOWING TO ELEPHANTS, Tales of a Travel Junkie (which hit #1 in 5 countries on the day it launched and just won Best Indie Biographies & Memoirs from Kirkus). Her book has been compared to EAT PRAY LOVE in professional reviews and has received accolades from many thought leaders in the mindfulness space, including Jack Kornfield. It's full of stories of her travels around the world, self-discovery, healing, food, and so much more. 

Inside the Episode:

  • (04:22): Elliot introduces Mag by providing a general synopsis on her book, Bowing to Elephants. 
  • (05:10): Mag brings us up to speed on why she decided to write a travel book in her 70s after a lifetime of traveling the world. 
  • (08:40): We discuss the importance of keeping a travel journal to track your memories and experiences throughout your life.
  • (16:00): Mag discusses her early travels and the struggles she faced with her family relationships. 
  • (20:18): Mag embraced Buddhism and meditation explains her transition into a lifestyle of mindfulness. 
  • (34:13): Mag went to Bhutan with intention - To find mental clarity through meditation with Buddhist Monks. Her time in Bhutan revolved around the concept of mindfulness and as she reflected on this experience on our podcast, its significance in how it influenced the trajectory of her life was apparent.
  • (56:45): “You can’t control the universe”, Mag tells us. This was in reference to the influx of tourism she’s witnessed over the several decades. 
  • (57:46): Respect is something travelers must be willing to practice while abroad. You need to be respectful of the culture you visit, your fellow tourists, and the environment and architecture you travel to enjoy. Mag provided stories and insight on how she practices respect abroad after a lifetime of travel!
  • 1:06:20: Rapid Fire!

Learn More About Our Guest:

  • https://magdimond.com/bowing-to-elephants

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