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Transformation And The Power Of A Goal, With Andre Norman.
Episode 22730th December 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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To end the year, we are sharing (re-airing) a couple of our favorite timeless episodes.

From Maximum Security Prison To Speaking At The Whitehouse: Andre Norman is as qualified as anyone to talk about Transformation. And after 2020, we all could use some transformation. 

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Andre shares his incredible story and the framework he's built to help others. Andre travels the world as a public speaker, including engagements at the Whitehouse, Harvard Law School, and London School of Business.

"I thought… If I can't be a psychopath, why be in jail? I want to be free. But I looked at all the groups in the jail, and they would all come back to jail. I saw that "Free" didn't work. So I switched my goal to successful." Andre Norman

From illiteracy to gang activity, Andre's childhood prepared him for nothing less than a life of crime and violence. This behavior eventually led Andre to be sentenced to over 100 years in prison. As a natural-born leader, he quickly rose to the top of the prison gang system, where he managed gang activities from within the confines of a maximum-security prison. During his two-year stay in solitary confinement, Andre had an "epiphany," and he decided to turn his life around.

"I look at every variable that I can be shut down in or killed on. Get it right or die. I took training people very seriously because where I came from the first time I get it wrong, I die". Andre Norman

Listen Today For,
  • The dream and goal that was more powerful than the standard desire to 'get out of prison.'
  • How his decision to attend Harvard was the destination point that motivated him to teach himself to read, study law, and ultimately become hugely successful.
  • The skills he learned in prison, which he still uses today in business.
  • How he identifies projected strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately, spots the weakest link.
  • His framework for Transformation.
  • Why he teaches his students to teach.
  • His solution for the white suburban opioid crisis.

"If you're talking, you're teaching, if you're listening, you're learning." Andre Norman 

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