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Bicycling and Kids Climate Action
Episode 1022nd July 2022 • CarbonSessions • The Carbon Almanac Podcast Network
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Episode Summary: In this episode, we discuss Bikes, cycling and the freedom it gives people of all ages. 

Featuring Carbon Almanac Contributors Leekei Tang and Rick Holt. 

Leekei is a fashion business founder, a business coach, an international development expert and a podcaster from Paris, France. Rick is a cycling enthusiast, part of his local school cycling patrol and a certified cycle instructor, teaching adults and kids. Rick is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Leekei and Rick talked about the freedom that cycling gives children, as well as cognitive development and how biking can help kids take climate action. They discussed opportunities for children as young as 18 months to start using a bike and how infrastructure influences the uptake of cycling.

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The CarbonSessions Podcast is produced and edited by Leekei Tang, Steve Heatherington and Rob Slater.