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8 | Dr. Robert Martino | Mastering Diverse Ventures
19th March 2024 • Fingerprints On Success • Bill Barrett
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In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Dr. Robert Martino, a serial entrepreneur and owner of seven dental practices with over 100 employees in West Virginia. Throughout this episode, you'll gain insights into Dr. Martino's remarkable journey, spanning from dentistry to aeronautics and beyond.

Robert will discuss the pivotal moment  when he realized he was much more than a dentist, leading to the decision to reshape his role as a CEO, husband, father, coach, and entrepreneur. He shares the challenges of transitioning from "owning a job" to truly running a business and its importance. You will learn about Dr. Martino overcoming limiting beliefs, diverse ventures, from founding a worldwide aeronautics company to launching OraCaroral, a dental mouthwash designed to fight bacteria and infection, and a telemedicine company. He emphasizes the common principles that apply across different industries, highlighting the significance of effective communication and meeting the end user's needs.

Dr. Martino provides valuable insights into decision-making, emphasizing the importance of taking action and learning from both successes and failures. He talks about motivation and the power of overcoming limiting beliefs, stressing the need to believe in oneself as a key to entrepreneurial success.

The episode also explores Dr. Martino's experiences with mentors, the impact of Fortune Management on his journey, and the vital role of building strong teams. Dr. Martino reflects on paying it forward by mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and training leaders within his teams.

In the post-COVID landscape, Dr. Martino discusses the challenges of hiring and adapting to the new normal, emphasizing the importance of resilience and the ability to navigate change.

Listen now and enjoy this insightful conversation with Dr. Bob Martino, where you'll discover the keys to building successful ventures, embracing challenges, and staying motivated on the journey of entrepreneurship!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The transformative moment that led Dr. Martino to redefine his role beyond dentistry
  • The diverse ventures spanning aeronautics, oral care, and telemedicine
  • The power of decision-making and learning from successes and failures
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and embracing a mindset of continuous growth
  • The importance of mentors, building strong teams, and paying it forward
  • Adapting to post-COVID challenges and navigating the evolving business landscape
  • And so much more …


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