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Retail Technology Solutions: The Aptimyz Approach
Episode 4612th June 2024 • Rising Stars Podcast • Star Micronics
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Join host Kate Orara on the Rising Stars Podcast as she explores the latest developments in retail technology solutions. This episode, featuring David Soden, CEO of award-winning global SaaS provider Aptimyz, provides an in-depth exploration of the innovations reshaping retail management and operations. Listeners will gain insights into how Aptimyz has evolved to meet the needs of modern retail, the challenges they've overcome, and the strategic role of their technology in enhancing customer and staff experiences.

Tune in for an enlightening discussion on the rapid advancements in retail POS systems, including mobile point of sale (mPOS) and the flexibility of Aptimyz’s solutions across different formats. This episode is essential listening for anyone interested in how technological innovations are redefining the future of the retail landscape, offering valuable strategies for navigating fast-moving market demands.

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