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[Jen + Jonny: Unhinged Together] Welcome to Season 2!
Episode 344th October 2023 • Mind to Muscle • Jennifer Loganbill
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Welcome to Season 2 of our mini-series Jen + Jonny: Unhinged Together! In this series, anything goes. Unhinged Together is all about authentic, unfiltered discussions that leave no stone unturned. We're going to unravel the messiness and embrace the craziness that comes along with navigating various aspects and seasons of life. We hope to leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take on life's unpredictable journey and we promise to not hold anything back as we get Unhinged Together.

In today's episode, we answer questions submitted by JGFG Sweatysisters. In true unhinged fashion, the topics are random but the conversation will make you laugh and leave you wondering what we'll talk about next!

This week, we challenge you to love yourself and your spouse in whatever season you're in. Whether you are an entrepreneur, newly postpartum, learning to accept your spouse for who they are today, or just trying to find balance in your crazy life, you have the option to see the positive or the negative in every situation. Choose the positive and learn to love EVERY season!

In this episode, Jonny and I discuss:

  • Our opinions on quick fixes to fitness
  • Marriage during postpartum
  • Our hobbies, pet peeves of each other, and celebrity crushes

You are strong. You are powerful. You are worthy.

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