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Why Can't I Focus Like I Used To?
Episode 18th April 2024 • The Spacemakers • SPACEMAKERS - Daniel Sih + Matt Bain
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This inaugural season of The Spacemakers, delves into the The Fracturing of Our Attention and How To Reclaim Your Focus.

In this first episode of a 10-part series, hosts Daniel Sih and Matt Bain will look at the topic of Why Can't I Focus Like I Used To?

Our attention is waning as a society. The more we swipe a screen, the more we struggle to concentrate. In this episode Daniel and Matt delve into the impact of digital overuse on our relationships, productivity, and overall flourishing — and explore what we can do to reclaim our attention.

To celebrate the launch of The Spacemakers, the first 20 people who leave a positive podcast review will receive a free copy of Daniel’s book, Spacemaker. Simply email us your name, postal address, and a copy of your review to

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