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X-Men '97 Finale and Spider-Man's Neogenic Nightmare: Secrets, Surprises, and Shocking Endings
Episode 53319th May 2024 • The Superhero Show Show •
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On this week's episode of The Superhero Show Show, the Taste Buds talk about X-Men '97's shocking season one finale, and on Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Spider-Man finally fights an old man!


In this episode of the Superhero Show Show, the hosts discuss the X-Men '97 finale and the Spider-Man animated series. They talk about the emotional moments and surprising twists in the X-Men episode, including Charles and Eric meeting in the past, Magneto saving the Earth, and the X-Men being lost across time. The episode sticks the landing and the meeting of young Charles and Magneto is well done. The conversation between the two characters is a mix of friendliness and tension. The episode also features cameos from other Marvel characters. The battle with Bastion and the return of Apocalypse set up future storylines. The post-credits scene hints at the return of Gambit. In this episode of S-TAS-Mini, Mike and Ryan discuss Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 12 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. They cover topics such as Tombstone's fashion choices, Hammerhead's silver mangs, and Silvermane's aging process. They also explore the dynamics between Kingpin and Smythe, as well as the relationship between Vanessa and Kingpin. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Spider-Man faces off against Silvermane and his unlimited wall tentacles.

In Spider-Man: The Animated Series Season 2, Episode 12, titled "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 12: Ravages of Time," the plot revolves around Silvermane's quest for youth. Silvermane kidnaps Dr. Curt Connors to unlock the secrets of the Tablet of Time, a powerful artifact he hopes will restore his youth. As Silvermane activates the tablet, he indeed begins to grow younger, but the process accelerates uncontrollably until he becomes an infant.

Spider-Man intervenes to save Dr. Connors and prevent Silvermane from causing further chaos. Concurrently, Kingpin, who has his own interests in the Tablet of Time, seeks to thwart Silvermane's plan. The episode features intense action sequences as Spider-Man battles Silvermane's forces and faces challenges from Kingpin's interference.

The episode is significant for its high stakes and the dramatic transformation of Silvermane, which highlights the perils of tampering with powerful artifacts. It also explores themes of aging and desperation, adding depth to the villain's character arc​.



  • The season finale of X-Men 97 delivers a satisfying conclusion to the storyline.
  • The meeting between young Charles Xavier and Magneto is well-executed and sets up future developments.
  • The episode features cameos from other Marvel characters, adding to the excitement.
  • The battle with Bastion and the return of Apocalypse hint at future storylines.
  • The post-credits scene teases the return of Gambit. The episode features humorous discussions about Tombstone's fashion choices and Hammerhead's silver mangs.
  • The dynamics between Kingpin and Smythe are explored, highlighting Smythe's sassiness and Kingpin's love for crime.
  • The relationship between Vanessa and Kingpin takes a turn as Vanessa decides to leave him.
  • The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Spider-Man faces off against Silvermane and his unlimited wall tentacles.


Try to find where the Taste Buds said these wild things!

  • "You show me yours, you show me mine. It's so funny because they're like, they don't even exist. And if they did, everybody would kill them, but also I am one."
  • "Oh no."
  • "Tombstone reiterating, in case Spider-Man didn't hear him the first time, that he doesn't need to breathe."
  • "Hammerhead shows up at a diner, I don't know how he knows where Elisa is."
  • "When you become a villain and you take on a super villain name, does that become your children's last name?"



00:00 Season Finale: Charles and Magneto

03:02 Cameos and Future Storylines

06:19 Post-Credits Tease: The Return of Gambit

29:23 Discussion on Villain Last Names

33:45 Silvermane's Replica Temple and Connors' Capture

35:46 Silvermane's Aging Process

38:56 Silvermane's Transformation and Alicia's Betrayal

42:06 Spider-Man's Rescue and Silvermane's Regression

44:44 Hammerhead's Sale of the Tablet

49:40 Vanessa's Criticism of Kingpin's Power






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