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Tap into Your Power of Healing with Ginny Jablonski
Episode 7228th February 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial
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Stacy and Sam talk to Ginny Jablonski about healing trauma, dis-ease, soul healing, creating self awareness and self- responsibility to tap into our true power.

Ginny Jablonski retired from a career as a protection agent in 2001. Although she had no previous knowledge of esoteric concepts or alternative healing, following a near-death experience she realized that she could see and hear discarnate spirits, plants and animals. This sent her on an amazing journey of spiritual and physical healing which allowed her to overcome the effects of abuse, PTSD and Lyme Disease. Over the past several years Ginny has focused on sharing the tools she used to overcome the debilitating effects of trauma with both people and animals through classes and intuitive sessions. She travels across the country speaking publicly about her near-death experience and healing journey at various conferences and has been interviewed more than 40 times.

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