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Using Movement as a Gateway to Unlock Hidden Potential with Matt Bernstein of ApeCo Movement
Episode 4716th July 2021 • This Thing Called Movement • Marie Janicek
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Today we are excited to talk to Matt Bernstein, the founder of Ape Co Movement School, a movement school based in Colorado with locations in Denver and Boulder. Matt is a former professional firefighter and ski patroller, as well as a long time student of Ido Portal. He considers himself a life-long learner, playing as many instruments as he can, moving daily and finding as much ease as possible in the struggles of daily life. As a husband and father, he is deeply devoted to finding new ways to enhance the lives of not just his family and children, but to every human being who crosses his path.

What we talk about

  • The importance of meeting people where they are at when teaching or sharing information of any kind, and making things relatable and accessible.
  • How movement and its concepts are delivered is actually more important than the programming or movement content itself.
  • Understanding the long-game in our movement practices, and seeing them as a long term life quality investment rather than following the "quick-fix" and "magic pill" promises.
  • The richer your movement practice, the richer the benefits become — spanning beyond your physical prowess but especially influencing things like emotional and intellectual intelligence.
  • How movement teaches us how to reach beyond the status quo and go after the big dreams we once believed were not possible.
  • Understanding movement as a gateway to unlock what's hidden and unresolved in our psyche — and while it may not always be the medicine, it certainly opens us up to finding solutions to meet these lost parts of ourselves.
  • The expansion our internal landscape feeds directly into the expansion of our movement capacity, and vice versa.


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