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Ronnie Pirovino: The Collector Embracing the New Creative Economy
Episode 18012th July 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Everyone is talking about NFTs—but what do they really mean for artists and art collectors? 

Today, you’ll hear from Ronnie Pirovino, a widely recognized collector, curator, and appraiser who hails from Denver, Colorado. After his art collection grew to prominence, Ronnie left his successful career in digital advertising to focus on his passion for art. Today, his pursuits encompass a variety of entrepreneurial projects, including NFTs, which he believes are positioned to restructure the creative economy. 

He has partnered with Christie’s on Trespassing, an ongoing series of auction sales that trace graffiti’s influence on contemporary art, and he acts as chief curator at, an innovative platform built by artists, for artists, at the intersection of art and technology. He is also well-known as the world’s largest collector of KAWS artworks. 

As you’ll discover in today’s episode, Ronnie helps artists and organizations understand and navigate the emerging world of NFTs and Web3. He’s a passionate advocate for making the NFT space accessible to everyone, not just the crypto natives. Tune in as NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power and Ronnie dive into ownership, security, and the growing responsibility that artists have to actively engage with their audiences. You’ll also learn how to meet the challenges of the new creative economy with vigor, embracing the many possibilities it presents.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Ronnie believes the NFT space is for everyone, not just the crypto natives
  • How intimidating terminology and a cult aesthetic can act as gatekeeping devices
  • Defining Web3: how it’s different from Web2, and what possibilities it opens up for creatives 
  • How NFTs have brought young people to the previously elitist practice of art collecting
  • Why the most successful NFT artists didn’t rush in, but used the medium to its fullest potential
  • Why Ronnie suggests participating in the NFT community via channels like Discord
  • Ronnie’s advice for artists entering the world of NFTs: be patient and view it as an extension of your existing practice
  • Why Ronnie encourages galleries to revise their business models as artists gain more control over their own careers in the NFT space

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