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Chapter 83. Pass me the Russell Hobbs, I need to record this weeks TCD.
Episode 8329th November 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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The plan for TCD 83 was that we were going to chat about mixtapes, because Ant had the idea that back in the day I would probably have put together a new mix for a two week road-trip.

And to be fair he is quite right. Back in the day it would probably have been a TDK C90, purchased in a three pack from Woolworths, and it would have been one of the Chrome ones. I went with the better quality ones as I still felt bad about the number of keyrings I had purloined from the same store.

We settled on a 'pre-show' side and a 'post-show' side, to allow for a couple of different vibes, and I scoured my iTunes library for inspiration. It turned out to be quite a good mix as it goes - let me know what you think?

And (if I say so myself) the diary this week is pretty epic. I must remember to post a rug-based-montage onto insta at some point when I get home.

Love'n'crocheted testicles


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