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409 - The Real Reason Why We Study Prophecy
Episode 40926th June 2017 • Leaving Laodicea • Steve McCranie
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The Law of Proportions

One of the major reasons we study prophecy is called the Law of Proportions. This law states the more ink the Lord uses in His Word to communicate a message, the more important that message must be. Consider the following regarding the Old Testament:

Number of Verses in the Bible: 31,124

Number of Predictions in the Old Testament: 1,239

Number of Old Testament Verses that Contain Predictions: 6,641 out of 23,210

Percent of the Old Testament that is Prophecy: 28.5%

What about the New Testament?

Number of Predictions in the New Testament: 578

Number of New Testament Verses that Contain Predictions: 1,711 out of 7,914

Percent of the New Testament that is Prophecy: 21.5%

And the Bible as a whole?

Percent of the Whole Bible that is Prophecy: 27%

Number of Separate Prophetic Topics in the Bible: 737

But There's More...

Just a few more facts:

•  Of the 333 prophecies concerning Christ, only 109 were fulfilled by His first coming, leaving 224 yet to be fulfilled in the Second Coming.

•  There are over 300 references to the Lord’s coming in the 260 chapters of the New Testament— one out of every 30 verses.

•  Twenty-three of the 27 New Testament books mention the Lord’s coming.

•  Jesus refers to His second coming at least twenty-one times.

•  There are 1,527 Old Testament passages that refer to the Second Coming.

•  For every time the Bible mentions the first coming, the Second Coming is mentioned eight times.

•  People are exhorted to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ over fifty times.

Need we say more? If you’re interested in the study of prophecy, then keep listening.

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