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#28: Investing in Trust: Creating Safe Containers for Unlearning and Healing
Episode 286th June 2024 • The Criterion Institute Podcast • Joy Anderson
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In this episode, Joy's conversation with Vanessa Roanhorse looks at the importance of creating safe containers and building right relationships, friendships, and trust when navigating the complexities of the financial sector and creating transformative systems change. They explore strategies for healing and empowerment - from the neuroscience of trauma to the power of friendships and trust in financial transactions. This conversation promises to challenge conventional wisdom and inspire new ways of thinking about finance.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:28 - Intro
  • 03:10 - Definitions of trauma-informed approaches
  • 13:33 - The importance of friendships and trust
  • 18:10 - Reframing the efficiencies of friendship
  • 21:45 - Honoring the safety and speed of trust
  • 25:20 - Promoting diversity and the challenge of change

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