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NRJohnson Sermon Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) 13th August 2020
The Christian Mindset 03 - Rejoice in the Lord … Always!

The Christian Mindset 03 - Rejoice in the Lord … Always!

As we continue our series examining the "Christian mindset" we examine Paul's audacious statement to "rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!"

What does it mean to have joy in every circumstance and situation and how can we practically live this way?

In this expositional sermon, Nathan Johnson explores joy and how we as Christians can live every moment rejoicing despite our circumstances or situations.

Twelve Reflections on Joy:

  1. We must know the source of joy
  2. Joy is a fruit … the natural outflow of the life of the Spirit within us
  3. Joy is not about circumstances but a purposeful response amidst the circumstances
  4. Rejoicing doesn’t have to make sense … but it does need to happen (always)
  5. Joy increases with the increase of pressure (suffering, trial, persecution)
  6. Joy is a present declaration in our future hope (we rejoice because we know the future)
  7. Joy exposes and declares our focus and trust in God
  8. We rejoice because we know trials and difficulty lead to maturity
  9. Joy is most evident (or seen more clearly) in our trials, sufferings, hardships, difficulties, and weaknesses
  10. We rejoice because we know God is King … and He has overcome the world
  11. We rejoice because God is a God of Joy
  12. Joy is to be a distinctive mark of a Christian

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