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Empowered Man Top Picks: The Power of Brevity
Episode 9726th July 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Do you use BREVITY in your marriage? Brevity is a CONCISE and EXACT use of words in writing or speech. So often, we’re used to explaining ourselves, we WORD VOMIT and we overspill. But with no CLEAR direction of your words, you cannot hope to save your marriage. Being MESSY with your words is not serving you. You need BREVITY.

This week, you’ll hear another of Mark’s favorite episodes, where he lays the foundations of BREVITY. Brevity is LEADERSHIP and choosing your words CAREFULLY is key to being an EMPOWERED man. Using BREVITY will make you a safe space. Using BREVITY will make your wife feel HEARD. Using BREVITY will disarm toxicity. If you have hit a fork in the road and know you’ve got to make decisions, you need to listen in this week. Mark is diving deeper into the power of BREVITY, showing you when you should use it and when you shouldn’t, and explaining how to use brevity to create a NEW marriage.

“Brevity disarms toxicity. Brevity and not just throwing everything out there will help you.”

                                                                   - Mark Santiago   

In This Episode:

- Find out why you CANNOT control what SHE does in the relationship, and what you CAN control…

- THIS is what your wife REALLY needs from you in your marriage…

- Why you should only LEAD with focused, concise speech when trying to save your marriage

- This is a KEY distinction that every man needs to learn…

- Find out when you should use BREVITY and when you shouldn’t

- Learn why you DON’T need your wife to be happy

- Here are some reasons men struggle with brevity…

- THIS is why brevity is so important if you want to save your marriage…

And much more…


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