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Exploring Fearless Coaching with Kate Carter
Episode 923rd April 2024 • Make Business Personal • Kiley Peters
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In this episode of Make Business Personal, Kate Carter, Certified Fearless Living Coach & Trainer at Kate Carter Coaching, engages in an interesting discussion about how to stop self-sabotage and how to build our lives and the business we love boldly.

  • The range of internal coaching content you covered in The Accelerator program 1:04
  • The top three things entrepreneurs need to know to make sure they are running their business properly when it comes to self-sabotage 3:16
  • The one action entrepreneurs need to take right now to make sure they’re covering their bases 11:45
  • One bonus business tip about succeeding in entrepreneurship 15:41


  • “Become aware, have compassion, and reach out for support.” 4:31
  • “Compassion doesn’t mean passivity or niceness. It means looking at what’s going on with love.” 8:10
  • “Mindfulness is pervasive thankfully in our culture right now. And it is slowing down and catching your thoughts and your feelings. Bringing yourself into the present moment.” 5:26
  • “There's nothing so strong as gentleness and nothing so gentle as real strength.” 8:25
  • “Find people who know what you're dealing with, whether they know the inner workings of how fear works, whether they know… Find somebody who understands that landscape and can support you.” 9:50

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