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Episode 1-Welcome to Not So Risky Business
Trailer14th March 2023 • Not So Risky Business • Mariam Tsaturyan
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Not So Risky Business podcast is about equipping you with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to protect your business legally. During the various episodes you'll get easy to understand explanations to many legal concepts and topics that will help you protect your business legally, grow and scale.

The interview episodes will focus on giving you much needed information on growing scaling your business through the tips and strategies given to you by the interview guests.


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[00:00:24] Mariam Tsaturyan: This is the first episode or the trailer of not so risky business podcast, as the name suggests. This show is all about making sure that your businesses are not at risk. After creating your business, seeing it grow for months and sometimes years, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether that step you took towards growing your business was legally compliant or not. You don't want to risk losing your business because of legal technicality.


[00:01:14] Mariam Tsaturyan: I practice intellectual property, limited to trademarks and copyrights as well as business law. Whatever the topics we cover during the episodes of this show will concentrate towards matters that will help you protect your business legally. For example, we'll cover topics on intellectual property, on contracts, agreements, disclosures, disclaimers ,hiring and firing taxes, selling and purchasing businesses, protecting your assets, business structures, and much more than this.


[00:02:06] Mariam Tsaturyan: If you're not somebody whose job is to actually understand the legal concepts and terminology regulations, you would never want to delve into the legal topics. I wouldn't but it's my job to do that. So I try to understand them, I try to analyze them. What's more, I really get pleasure out of being able to explain it to you and simple to understand matter so that you can listen to what I'm saying, understand it and apply it towards your business.


[00:03:06] Mariam Tsaturyan: I have started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2019 when I realized that there was a big shortage of legal advice, information out there for online businesses. Sure. We have a lot of business attorneys out there who give advice, who impart knowledge, who tell you what to do and what not to do to businesses out there. But this seems to be limited to traditional small businesses. Online business is something that is, to this day, something of a new concept for most attorneys, unless an attorney has themselves been part of this online entrepreneurial move, this world, a lot of the advice that they give will either be outdated or not relevant.


[00:04:06] Mariam Tsaturyan: My clientele consists of coaches, consultants, agencies, course creators, so you can be sure the knowledge that you learned, the advice that you get during this show will be incredibly relevant for your own business purposes. Now, I wouldn't be much of an attorney if I didn't do a legal disclaimer, of course.


[00:04:43] Mariam Tsaturyan: With that said, I want to remind you that I will be publishing new episodes for this podcast twice a week, Tuesdays on Thursdays.