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377 | Fear Set With Your Goal Setting
Episode 3772nd February 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Fear is often talked about. But what do you do about it? Affirmations are great, but they only work for so long because if you don’t actually deal with your fear, it will continue to control you. So in this episode, Cayla talks about the impact fear is having on your decision-making but also gives you an exercise to start implementing to help shine a light on your fears. In doing so, fear can’t control you anymore. Fear does play a crucial role in your growth. But it’s not the fear itself that leads you to success, it’s what you do about it

You will learn:

  • [2:10] - Some affirmations make us feel good in the moment, but if you don’t actually deal with fear, it won’t go anywhere.
  • [3:17] - Cayla shares a fear set exercise she does. Get something to write on.
  • [4:12] - When it comes to investing, Cayla shares her fears.
  • [5:50] - Other people have experienced your worst-case scenario.
  • [8:08] - What would the benefits be if you did the thing you fear?
  • [9:03] - What is the cost of inaction?
  • [11:07] - The trajectory of your life will not be the same if you wait.
  • [12:22] - If you wait one more day, week, month, or year, what are you missing out on?
  • [13:40] - Cayla demonstrates the cost of inaction when she decided not to invest in cryptocurrency.
  • [14:53] - Do this fear-setting exercise while you are setting new goals.

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