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Episode 5: The 6 Month You Review
Episode 511th July 2022 • Coaches & Leaders Assemble: The Coaching and Leadership Podcast • Laura Royal
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It's Episode 5 this week on the Coaches & Leaders Assemble Podcast with your fabulous host, Laura Royal of DNA Coach. Can you believe that we are already over halfway through the year! Last week I asked you if you are a glass half full kind of person and this week I am asking if you see the halfway point of the year as a great opportunity? I do. I like to look back and see all that I have achieved over the past 6 months and let it steer what I believe needs to happen in the next 6. In this week's episode I look at doing a half year review from a personal coaching perspective. This can also be adapted for reviews in the workplace. It's a great opportunity to reflect on the last 6 months of this calendar year and also to reset goals. Let's have a self check-in. It's The 6 Month You Review!! This week's accompanying toolkit for this episode provides you with all the encouragement you need, which we have created for you here at DNA Coach so don't forget to subscribe Let's Assemble!!




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